About me

Picture of me. Date: Dec 2017

Who am I

Hello, my name is Loïc [\lɔ.ik\] and I am a young (enough) web developer. I am currently living in London and working as Backend Lead Developer for a company named GIMO. I discovered web development when I was even younger (about 13 or 14), at this time it was pretty hard to find any resource to learn and I began by creating some HTML/CSS pages as ugly as you can imagine (maybe even worst).

My studies

After few years I decided I wanted this to be my future work just because I liked to be able to create some dynamic things in my web browser just as I had them in my mind. So, at my 17 I decided to stop my studies in Science and changed for something more computer-oriented.

That's when I began to learn some languages such as PhP, Javascript (and AJAX), but also C/C++ and C# and improve my algorithmic methods.

Professionnal career

The begin of my professionnal life is a bit tumultuous... After having my French equivalent of "BTEC Higher National Diploma", I tried an Engineering School. But because of the price of the School I couldn't continue it. That's why I decided to go to the French Air Army as a web developer.

Unfortunatelly, after I had my formation done, I realised it wasn't what I expected in terms of computing. So I decided to leave and to go back to a "normal job". Back to my city, I found a job in few weeks in a company named Nethik as a Junior Backend Developer.

Nethik was the best first experience I could have. It was a small agency (7 people) and they were working on their own CMS called Meabilis. During those two I learnt a lot about my job, but also about what I needed to improve. If you guys read this, thanks a lot!

After two years and for a lot of different reasons my adventure with Nethik ended up, and I decided to move to UK. Two weeks after moving in London I found my current job at GIMO as Backend Developer (Junior) first and I now am Backend Lead Developer.

Why this website

At first I wanted to learn new technologies and I wanted a project to work on. And then I wanted more, I wanted to share what I know and what I do with other people.

I won't do a new StackOverflow, it's pointless. That's why I decided to do this as a personal website where I can put, more or less, everything I want (related to computers).